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Nigheanan Brìghde,

Nigheanan Brìghde, Celtic Polytheist Order of Brighidine Flametenders fosters sacred sisterhood through tending the Sacred Flame and Healing Waters of Brìde to create a shared group  practice for sisters of the Order as temple sisters would have once had. The Order is grounded in the traditional Celtic polytheistic and animistic culture and worldview, and also offers Brìde-centered spiritual practices and celebratory rites to encourage mystical communion with Brìde, our spiritual foster-mother.


Ord Brighideach,

Ord Brighideach is an international order of Brigidine flamekeepers of over 500 members representing 19 countries.  Flamekeepers have the option of tending as part of a 19 member cell (cells are named after trees – female, male and co-ed cell options), or tending as an individual. Each flamekeeper tends a 24 hour shift from sundown to sundown once every 20 days. All genders and religious affiliations welcome.


Daughters of the Flame,

On Imbolc, 1993, the Daughters of the Flame lit a fire in honour of the Goddess Brigit and the saint Bridget, modeled after the perpetual fire which once burned in Kildare. We share the task of tending the flame, on a twenty day rotation; each woman tends the fire in her own way, so that it is a solitary devotion linked to the devotions of a larger group.  Although members have primarily been neo-pagans, Daughters of the Flame is open to any woman who is called to light her flame.


Brighid’s Hearth Special Interest Group,
Open to any member of Ár nDraíocht Féin, the Brighid’s Hearth SIG forges connections between druidic worshippers of Brighid, and seeks to cultivate the at-home flametending of its members. Flametending is optional for members, and those who choose to take a shift operate on the traditional 21-day schedule. The group facilitates the shift schedule and gives flametenders a place to discuss their experiences and share Brigidine devotionals, artwork and prayers.  ADF is a Neopagan druidic organization. Membership costs $25. Any member of ADF may join the Brighid’s Hearth SIG.  For more information, please contact the SIG coordinator directly.

Forge and Well,

We are women of all ages, from all over the U.S. and far beyond. We are not all pagan, and we may worship in many different ways. Some of us have been following the path for a long time, others are only beginning the journey.


Cill Willow Flamekeepers,

Cill Willow is a Sisterhood of Flamekeepers modeled after the traditional Brigidine Priestesses who tended the perpetual flame of the Goddess Brighid in Kildare, Ireland. The members of Cill Willow are Pagan women from all over the globe who feel a calling to flamekeeping.


Sacred Tree Flamekeeping,

Open to official members of Fellowship of Isis and Druid Clan of Dana.  We in FOI/DCD relate to our Sacred Tree Flame~Keeping Light as the Light of the Sun and originating from the Spiritual Sun.  This is a Celtic Druid Grove and not a Christian church. Both Goddesses, Dana and Brighid, are worshiped and honoured along with the Sacred Trees in our Tree Flame~Keeping.  Send private message to Magickal Hummingbyrd on facebook for further information.


Solas Bhríde,

1993 was a very significant year. The Brigidine Sisters and Afri (Justice, Peace and Human Rights NGO) hosted an International Conference in Kildare to mark the tenth anniversary of Afri’s St. Brigid’s Peace Cross Campaign. The Conference was entitled: Brigid: Prophetess, Earthwoman, Peacemaker.   The Fire/Flame of Brigid was re-lit at the opening of the conference and has been tended by the Brigidine Sisters in Solas Bhride ever since.  Women are invited to join and participate at different in-person levels; women and men are invited to become Friends of Solas Bhríde.  Located in Kildare, Ireland, of the Celtic Christian tradition.


Clann Bhríde Cill,

Cill created for members of Clann Bhríde’s facebook group, open to all adult ages, sexes, and genders.  From the website noted above:  “Prayer and ritual are not the only options for your Flamekeeping shift; perhaps you enjoy creativity and want to write songs or paint during your shift, or perhaps you spend your shift researching and supporting a social justice cause in Brighid’s name. Sage, one of Clann Bhride’s founders, has blogged about different approaches to tending Brighid’s flame at their personal blog.”  Contact Aster, Sage, or Gilbride at for information.


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